*Spa Gallery offers best Massage therapy in the town.

The Therapist of Spa Gallery is specially trained by Spa Gallery Therapy Master.

For spa Gallery use Best Spa Product well known as THANN.

THANN is No.1 of the luxury spa brand from Thailand which is pure organic spa product extracted from vegetables, grain and rice.

*Spa Gallery Support talented local artists of Vietnam.

For the development of Art related industry and preserve traditional art heritage in Vietnam, we support many of local artist and local heritage antique by many ways like that co-operation working and funding for supplying the chances such as yearly art exhibitions.

You can meditate or appreciate or purchase the paintings at Spa Gallery.

And healing……

Spa Gallery

Vietnamese Traditional Massage

15B Thisach, dist.1, Hochiminh city, Vietnam. Tel: 028 6656 9571


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